Buy a license

You can purchase your Kirby license at or use this affiliate link.

A Kirby license is valid for a single domain. You can find Kirby's license agreement here:


  1. Extract all files from the .zip file and copy them into your webspace.
  2. Visit and download the latest version of Kirby 3.
  3. Copy the folder kirby into your webspace
  4. Go into your browser and navigate to yoursite/panel to access Kirby's admin interface.
  5. If you need any help check out the official docs.

Please check if the invisible .htaccess file has been copied to your server correctly

The Panel

You can find the login for Kirby's admin interface at You will be guided through the signup
process for your first user, when you visit the panel for the first time.


Kirby runs on PHP 7.1+, Apache or Nginx.

Site Settings

  1. Logo/Favicon/Apple Touch Icon
    Upload and select your image files.
  2. Social media
    You can add all social media profiles to the site.
  3. Site wide SEO settings
    Make sure to enter all site-wide SEO settings. These will be used as a fallback when no SEO settings are entered on single page.
  4. Labels
    If needed you can rename all labels used in this theme.


All images have custom fields (caption, alternative text). To add or edit these fields click on each image and enter your data.

Blog Settings

  1. Blog Layout
    To change the layout of the blog section navigate to the blog page and click on blog settings. Choose between six different layouts, enable or disable the sidebar, activate the author section and choose how many articles are listed per page.
  2. Categories
    Add or edit the site-wide categories to the categories field. When writing a new blog post select the belonging category.
  3. Authors
    While writing a a new blog post you can select an author. To edit or add an author you need to go to the account section inside the panel. Once an author is selected add or edit a name, a description and links to their social media profiles.


The theme is build on the framework.

Lity Lightbox

The theme uses a lightbox called lity. You can find it here.

Images used

All images used in this theme are free to use from the platform.

Update 1.0.1

  • added a new setting to set the navbar fixed top
  • added some missing figure tags
  • fixed an issue when when filtering by tags, categorys and months with a german "Umlaut"
  • fixed the footer links
  • the status for pages can be set to unlisted again

Plugins used

Visit the forum to connect with the Kirby community.