Theme Features

User-Friendly Panel

The panel is organized into tabs and has a consistent structure to navigate easy.


Search for articles or filter by categories, tags and months.

Dropdown Menu

Decide if subpages will be listed in the websites menu.

SEO Ready

Add your SEO settings such as meta title, meta description or opengraph image for every page.

18 Modular Sections

Create unique pages by using modules such as the icon block section, testimonial section and more coming soon.

Social Media

Add your social media profiles to the site and share articles to Twitter and co.


The theme is build on bulma.io which is a mobile-first framework.


Choose and set your primary color and primary text color within the panel settings.


Search and add plugins to your site, build by an awesome community.


If you have any questions or you need help with installation drop me a message.

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